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Deadwood and nothing else

Dear me, I feel awfully weird about not-posting. It's not that nothing has been going on, it's more like, well, there's stuff going on, but it's all rather boring.

I mean, yesterday, I made spanokopita with my sister. Fascinating, eh?

As the election draws closer, I become more concerned that Bush will be re-elected because I'm really worried that things will get worse if his adminstration is given four more years.

And yet I try to keep my mouth shut about politics because angry, venting me is not a fun person to be around.

We don't mention the job-front because I'm waaaay too nervous over it.

And by we, I mean all the kind voices in my head. They tell me to bake instead of burning things.

And as this is one week before November and I did indeed sign up for NaNoWriMo, I must get a freakin' plot for my fucking story and at the very least, a godamn title. I think I'll friends-lock snippets regarding the story this week and then ask anyone who is reading this post and has nothing better to do to vote on a title.

Because yes, I need a consensus for everything.

In TV-land, I've dropped fuckin' Survivor from my list of shows to watch. Oh my god, but is this season boring and stupid. I'll still watch The Apprentice, because Trump is crazy and Kevin is kinda awesome, but I hate about 80% of the contestants on that show.

So that leaves me with Lost, Desperate Housewives (And I'm really only in that for the Delfino, it's a very campy, stupid kind of show), and...? I guess The O.C. when that starts up, but I'm going to have to tape it because I cannot fucking stand Marissa.

Oh, Carnivale and Deadwood when it returns. I caught the first six episodes of Deadwood and was pretty amazed. And I fucking hate Westerns. So damn much. But besides the fact that there are some great actors in the show, there are some damn interesting characters.

And because I'm a geek first, I checked out the real-life people portrayed on the show, and man, the show's pretty accurate to the legends/myths surrounding them. However I am so bummed that Will Bill died. I mean, I didn't know that Dead Man's Hand came about because of his murder because of my lack of knowledge about Frontier/Western legend. He was easily my favorite character on the show, and he's dead, dammit.

But Bullock is really hot and I adored the actor when he played that hot drug dealer in Go, and I'm totally curious to how he's going to get more screentime, considering how he was portrayed in the first scene of the pilot and really hasn't become the lead yet. He's more a stand-out of the ensemble, but Swearengen really seems to be the lead.

And one of the scariest fucking villians ever. He's like, Scorpius-evil. Dude. That's a whole lotta evil.

So yeah, I got caught up in a Western, mucked around with the ideas for my 'novel' and oh yeah...I totally have to write several fics before November because I'm not going to have ANY time then.

This cuss-laden post was brought to you by laudanum. Makes everything feel a-okay, mostly 'cause you're drugged up beyond all hell.
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