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RL Squee!

Y'all I am not sucking in my classes. How do I know this? An A- on my Art of the Near East paper (score! that prof grades hella hard), an A- on my Art of the Italian Renaissance quiz (another yesss! because I freaked out halfway through on that test and blanked out on half the questions).

And a fucking 20 out of 20 on my Faerie Queene paper. Thank you J-Store for having several good criticisms about the House of Busyrane. And my professor really liked my paper. Huzzah!

But the very best part? In my World Literature class, with a professor who once didn't grade a paper of mine, saying it was so bad I had to go to the Writing Center (yes I was *agog* at the time), and I got a B on the rewrite...what was I saying? Oh yeah. An A and an A+ on my quizzes. My paper? A-. Oh man. So damn happy.

My central argument "[was] subtle and profound." Oh yeah. Cloud fucking nine, y'all.

Woot woot. Want me to write you a drabble, baby? Just drop a comment. That's how happy I am.
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