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Drabbles and politics (your gentle warning be here)

There are indeed drabbles as per my offer in my last post. Farscape, BtVS, and AtS so far.

For kita0610, there is A/S. For blacksatinrose there is B/A. And will probably be more B/A because I want to write darker B/Aness. Heh.

And some happy post-PK Wars drabble for leelee_cakes. Because I love my Leeleers.

In other news, I finally saw Eminem's Mosh video. I do not own a black hoodie. I have a gray one. I have black clothes. I think I shall cast my vote dressed in some arrangment of such clothing, because I highly fucking disagree with this vomitious (a new, but important word), disgusting, and revolting adminstration and all of its policies both domestic and foreign. Will my vote change everything? Probably not. I live in a blue state. Whatever the fuck that means. But I'm going to vote because my voice must be heard and it's the very least I can do. I'm not very politically active. That looks like it's going to change.

Of course, my reasons are not because I saw a moving video. They are deeper than that and they are more personal than that. You fuck with one of us, you fuck will all of us.

ETA: Damn underscores!
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