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It's not a brain, more a sort of gross liquid really

Damn. Just, damn. anniesj explained what happened to her and it just fucking sucks a whole hell of a lot.

Sometimes, it's hard to see the damn line and it's so easy to fall over it. I know I've said tons of assy things, although I do like to think of myself as reasonable, in this 'divisive' politcal climate, it's really hard not to go to hyperbole, especially when you're just so damn angry that the only words that can come out are gibberish and a long litany of curses.

And fuck me, but I like some fucking cursing.

So yeah, I need to catch up on sleep, not be freaked out, and find out where my plotbunnies wandered off to.

(New icon by indigoskynet, she has several Mosh icons, and new default icon by raelala, because dude, mazes and Alice in Wonderland. So fucking awesome.)
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