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oral is moral

fables, truths, and lies from a storyteller

I was a taller girl too, once.
16 February
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Hold me closer, soft tiny sincerity-journey teller. Of flannel. - drvsilla

The above is all true except for the flannel. I do not wear flannel. Also I will not hold you close.

I sit on a throne of lies and porn. It's surprisingly comfortable.

Because I love freedom my lj is full of fic, crack, ridiculous ramblings, the most important polls that you will ever take, the occasional serious post when I forgot that I'm supposed to be sarcastic, and generally just a whole lot of stuff that entertains or interests me. You'll find a lot of Supernatural fic has been posted here. Previously written fic in fandoms which includes Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel, Harry Potter, Farscape, The O.C., Pirates of the Caribbean, and various crossovers. I might be writing Glee fic. Forgive me.

My fic is organized through tags (fandom, pairing, crackfic, crossover, etc.) and in my memories by fandom. The updated 2011 edition of my master fic list is posted here.

For my Supernatural inclinations, I will sometimes ramble on about how much I love Dean Winchester. This leads me to say how he is totally John Crichton. I apologize in advance. Also I have a Sam Winchester thing that sort of snuck up on me.

My fannish focus flits from fancy to fancy and I rather enjoy fanciful things.

Friending policy: Hi, did I add you? It's because your brain is delicious. And I mean that in a non-zombie om nom nom brainsssss way. If you'd like to add me, just drop a line in my latest post and I'm always pleased to add you back.

This awesome Supernatural layout is by the lovely and talented ignited. Moodtheme by organza.
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